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This is the best wysiwyg web builder for iOS and Mac. Customer support is great, the product is easy to use I was a complete novice at first but I now run multiple websites that were created with this app and even made one for my company. Now that I'm a seasoned web developer I see nothing but growth for this app it's great for a novice but your best bet is to learn some code and then you can really go crazy with this app. Again I was a complete novice I learned a little bit of code and now I'm a pro

My favorite html app

I have been building webpages for years both for myself, my friends and family. I've experimented with a variety of software apps and HTML Egg Pro is my favorite. Actually, it's the only html app I use now. When I have questions, I can normally find the solution in the training videos. And if I don't find it there, an answer has always been an email away. It's a Great app, with great customer service and excellent value.

Great app - if you know some HTML

My occupation was the development of websites, mostly using Dreamweaver. After retirement I wanted to run a blog -, the lighters side of wine - using my iPad as the development tool. The good news first: I have been using HTML Egg Pro since April 2015. I like the creative freedom of design and most of the tools it offers. I was also impressed with the support I got. And now the bad news: If you are serious about your website you better know some HTML. Virtually all the text blocks in my website are HTML snippets; the only way you can change fonts, embed links, etc. There still are some bugs in the program, but I figured out ways to work around most of them. I pointed out some of these issues to Aidaluu and as a result became a beta tester for them. All in all I like it and plan to continue using it. After all my iPad is easier to lug around than my laptop.

Good but I want more.

If you want to make a static web page this is a good program. It supports SFTP and FTP, make a single background and use it for all of the pages in your website. Works OK with basic php. That said I would like some databse integration, perhaps for PHP and MySQL. Since, I bought this app it has not changed much. I hope we'll see more updates.

Awesome! Excellent! Powerful!

This is really a powerful app for the iPad. I'm using a 4th Gen. I'm a web developer, and this app is quick and easy to use for all kinds of web projects. I've been impressed with what I can develop and FTP with this iPad app. Maybe the other reviewer who rated this app one star isn't reading the documentation or watching the quick and quite nice tutorials on the developer's YouTube channel. I've had zero problems with this app's functionality. Just read the documentation and watch the videos, and you'll be good to go! Their customer support was very quick to respond to a few extra questions I had.

Fooled once and that was enough!

Absolutely worthless. They could not pay me enough to use this trash. Avoid this program like the plague! It is a total rip off. Not only do the images that you embed into your website overlap onto each other once you manage to upload the HTML to your server, but the page itself has so many unnecessary lines of code in it, that it literally causes both my new IMac (faster than God on roller skates) to lag, but it renders my 128 gig Retina IPad worthless. Whomever wrote this abomination should be crucified with 12 inch spikes. I would like my money back, NOW!!!

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